Your Appointment

All appointments for the doctors, Paramedic Practitioners, Nurses or Health Care assistant are booked by telephone, (all calls incoming and outgoing are recorded for training and monitoring purposes), on the Surgery App, through the website, or during non-Covid times directly at reception.  In order to ensure your appointment is booked with the best person suited to assist you, you will be asked a few simple questions in confidence at the time of booking.  You are able to request to see particular clinicians of your choice for pre-bookable appointments.

Consultations with a GP, Paramedic Practitioner, Practice Nurse or Health Care Support either face to face or by telephone are available during both morning and afternoon surgery. The surgery offers pre-bookable appointments within 2 – 4 weeks and up to 6 weeks in advance and some appointments available on the day for URGENT consultations if necessary.   Priority is given to children under 16 years with acute problems for on the day consultations.


Help Us to Help You

One of the most common complaints is the length of time that you have to wait here to see the doctor. This is mainly because we are being asked to deal with too many things.

Tips to get the most out of your appointment

  • Please do not store up a list of problems
  • Talk to the doctor about your main problem at the very beginning of the consultation
  • Please do not ask for repeat prescriptions in the consultation
  • Avoid asking the doctors to fill in or sign forms during the appointment. These should be handed in to the receptionist
  • Remember the appointment is only for you. If you need another family member to be seen this must be booked as a separate consultation.
  • Turn up on time
  • Before you see the Doctor, think about your symptoms and what you will tell him/her, how long have you had the symptoms, how severe is it, does it come and go, what makes it worse or better
  • Please remember when you leave the doctors room he/she will need at least 2-3 minutes to type a full record of the consultation. So in any 10 minutes appointment, if the Doctor is to keep to time, there are only approx 7 minutes with the Doctor.

Routine chronic disease monitoring such as blood pressure, blood tests, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and COPD checks are done by our practice nursing team.

Minor ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throats, minor rashes, etc can be dealt with by the local pharmacy.

If the doctor has asked you to see him/her about test results or hospital correspondence please check the results are back before you make your appointment

We, like you, want to make the very most of your appointment so that we can help you appropriately and to the best of our ability.

If you are unable to make it in for your appointment, please let us know so we can use the time to see someone else. Our policy is that you may be asked to either make another appointment or wait until the end of surgery if you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, as it will disrupt the appointment times for other patients.

Appointment System Policy

Gwydir Surgery operates an appointment system for seeing a GP or Practice Nurse. We do not operate a ‘walk in’ clinic at any time.

Protocol for booking appointments with GP
1. Urgent/Needed on the day appointment with a GP is for 10 minutes which is usually sufficient for the doctor to deal with one medical problem. Pre-bookable appointments are 15 minutes where up to the maximum of three medical problems can be discussed.

2. An appointment is for one person only. If there are other members of the family who need to see a doctor, they must make a separate appointment.

3. Patients may make an appointment to see any of the doctors. Although we will do our best to offer appointments with the doctor of choice, this may not always be possible.

4. The receptionist will ask the reason for the appointment. This is the doctor’s request in order to give an indication of the medical problem and in case it is best dealt with by another team member e.g., specialist nurse.

5. GP’s do not usually make appointments for patients. Face to face follow up appointments are usually best made through reception.

6. Patients may book an appointment by
a. Phoning the practice on 01492 640411 from 8:00am, all calls, incoming and outgoing are recorded for training and monitoring purposes
b. In person at the reception desk after 8:30am
c. By logging onto the surgery website to use a digital platform to send a consultation form to the practice for a non-urgent appointment
d. Log onto My Health Online via app or the surgery website to arrange a non-urgent appointment

7. GP appointments are released for booking in three phases
a. Pre-bookable appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance
b. A percentage of pre-bookable appointments open each day
c. Needed on the day appointments can only be booked on the same day

8. Pre-bookable appointments are for routine, non-urgent matters. There are some available for each doctor at each surgery.

9. Same day appointments are for patients who need to see a doctor that day. These appointment slots make up the majority of the on-call doctors’ day.

10. If requested the receptionist is able to arrange a routine, non-urgent, telephone appointment consultation in some circumstances.

11. Telephone review consultations are available each day and arranged by the doctor. These appointments are 10 minute slots at the end of morning surgery, and the doctor will phone the patient when the surgery is finished.  All calls, incoming and outgoing are recorded for training and monitoring purposes

12. If all appointments for the day have been filled, and a GP appointment is urgently needed, they will be added to the triage list. This will only happen after all of the appointments are filled. The patient will be contacted by one of the doctors on duty that day, but not a specific doctor.

13. If a patient is too ill to attend the surgery, but wishes to see a doctor, a GP will phone the patient and make alternative arrangements, which may mean a home visit if appropriate. Home visits are generally made after morning surgery or before evening surgery.

14. There may be times when the doctor has to deal with complex or emergency situations and the clinic subsequently runs late. Whilst we make every effort to run on time, we cannot always achieve this.

15. Patients who arrive late for their appointment forfeit their appointment with the doctor. It is at the doctor’s discretion whether late arrivals can be seen and although we make every effort to do so, this cannot be guaranteed. Receptionists are unable to decide on behalf of the doctor.

16. Patients often do not need to see a doctor for blood pressure checks, blood tests or chronic disease reviews. Please ask the receptionist for an appropriate nurse, health care assistant or phlebotomist appointment.

Protocol for booking appointments with a Nurse, HCA or Phlebotomist
The same protocols apply to booking an appointment with a Practice Nurse, Health Care Assistant or Phlebotomist, with the following exceptions:
1. Appointments are of varying length according to the type of appointment required. The receptionists know how long is required for different procedures and will book you an appropriate slot.

2. Nurse appointments are available to book at any time.